2 653 m
1 497 m
29,64 km

Megtekintve 410 alkalommal, letöltve 3 alkalommal

közel Revelstoke, British Columbia (Canada)

My gps batteries died early on and I forgot spares. I hiked in 5hrs in ugly bush on the low side. coming out I stay high and it is still a really long way but nicer walking in the alpine. Mulvehill is a good step snow hike to a fantastic summit. Castor peak is nice alpine area with many lakes. 50m from the summit of Mulvehill I climbed out of a small knotch and met 2 grizzlies 30 ft away. Instantly one charged. Pretty scary!! I backed up yelling, banging my ice ax and ski pole together. 5 ft away it turned around and they took off. Crazy!! If you like way too long of approaches this is the place for you.


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