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Idõ  2 óra 31 perc

Koordináták 735

Uploaded 2013. november 10.

Recorded november 2013

576 m
252 m
6,74 km

Megtekintve 190 alkalommal, letöltve 1 alkalommal

közel Pilisborosjenő, Pest (Magyarország)


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  • szornyu 2013.11.11.

    Sunny, moderately windy day, after getting to the summit, deployed a basic double-cell box-kite, which flew beautifully.
    Then descended to the lowest elevation of the trail, the Egri vár makett (filming scenery) on a very steep slope( starting from mile 1.7).
    On out way back to the car, visited fascinating geological formations.
    Had lunch in the extraordinary La Terazza restaurant, not very far from our starting/finish point.

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