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közel Midreshet Ben-Gurion, Southern District (Israel)

Full moon hike in Midreshet Sde Boker area. Starts with a classic Nahal Hawerim trail, then continues toward Ein Bokeq (with some luck you will be able to sneak past a sleeping guard and watch the Ein Bokeq waterfall in moon light). Finally the trail goes through a rather dull (but in a moonlight it is still magical) and flat desert area toward the edge of the cliff at the top of Maale Divshon for a perfect sunrise location (although I had a bad luck with the weather and the sunrise was ruined by clouds). The trail is easy to walk, but is quite long and you will need a GPS, as in the darkness it is easy to lose the trail markings.

Depart from the classic route

Continue following the riverbed (green trail marking)

Depart from the riverbed

Turn slightly left to red trail marking

Turn left

Sharp left turn to red 4x4 trail

Depart from the 4x4 trail

Turn right to a footpath, it is unmarked but is clearly visible

A way to Ein Bokeq

A bit after this point there is paved road going to Ein Bokeq, the road will probably be blocked by a KKL ranger who most probably will be asleep, if you want to sneak past him you could try going in parallel with the paved road far enough from it

Depart from the 4x4 trail

The trail goes through beduin camp, it might be a good idea not to go there at night unannounced, so I suggest turning left and going toward the cliff without getting near the camp

Sunrise viewpoint

A perfect spot to watch the sunrise with Zin stream spread out beneath your feet


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