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közel Totaranui, Tasman (New Zealand)

A very beautiful loop in the northern Abel Tasman from Wainui parking. You should foresee more than 6 hours if you want to stop and relax in different places.

The variety of vegetation in the Abel Tasman NP is astonishing.

The first one and a half hours you go uphill to the summit of Gibbs Hill. Then you go down in the direction of Totaranui. This part of the trek is in the areas with Mediterranean looking vegetation, but is greener.

From Totaranui you go north, in the direction of Anapai Bay. At certain moment the path goes in the bottom of a narrow and shaded valley with a tropical feel.

Afterwards you go up and down between Anapai Bay and Anatakapau Bay (with the Mutton Cove camping site), and then Whariwharangi Bay (a hut is located at the western side of the beach). From Mutton Cove you can do a short detour to the Separation Point, time permitting.

Gibbs Hill

From the hill you have a picturesque view of the Wainui Bay. The trail between the hill and Totaranui goes through beautiful Mediterranean looking vegetation.

Anapai Bay

Anapai Bay

A bridge

The trail

Anatakapau Bay

Anatakapau Bay

View of Whariwharangi Bay

View of Whariwharangi Bay

Whariwharangi Bay

Whariwharangi Bay
táborhely, kemping

Whariwharangi huts

Whariwharangi hut and camping site, and the trail going up in the direction of Wainui.

View of Wainui Bay

View of Wainui Bay

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  • Fénykép ArielMat

    ArielMat 2018.02.02.

    Great trip if you don’t want to do was is allegedly a quite monotonous whole 4-day-tramp Abel Tasman Great Walk.
    The DOC recommended though to do the track clockwise, not as in this map.
    Enjoy and look for the great differences from high to low tide.

  • Fénykép mehdi.tabibvand

    mehdi.tabibvand 2020.02.26.

    Hi dear friend
    You have followed and recorded many beautiful and exciting paths
    Please also visit my page and comment
    Thanks a lot

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