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közel Peratallada, Catalunya (España)

Nice and easy family walk through the countryside east of Peratallada. A map of the walk was depicted on a leaflet found in the tourist office of Peratallada. The trail is largely the same as the one on the leaflet but deviates a bit between Viladamunt and Fontclara and in the town of Palau-Sator. The trail can also be done on a tour bike. The walk offers views of agricultural land and orchards with the hills near Estartit, Begur, and the Illes Medes in the background. You walk on asphalt roads with little traffic, and broad gravel and dirt roads. You pass by three quiet villages, Viladamunt, Fontclara and Palau-Sator. Apart from the medieval settings, Pertallada and Palau-Sator, are well-known for their restaurants and these villages as well as Viladamunt offer a number of restaurants that belies their small size.
The walk starts on one of the indicated parking places in Peratallada, but does not pass through the medieval center of the village, which is well worth a visit as well. You first walk to Viladamunt on small asphalt roads and dirt roads. In this section you also pass by some pine forests (the rest of the walk does not offer forests) and just before Viladamunt you have a nice view of the medieval town of Pals with the Begur hills in the background. In Viladamunt (after 4.4 km) you can take a rest on the square near the church before continuing towards Fontclara (after 7.2 km), a sleepy village. From here you walk to and through medieval Palau-Sator (after 8.8 km), which offers several restaurants. From there you walk back to Peratallada.
Sleepy village. See the photos for an impression.
Palau-Sator is a small medieval village with more restaurants than the size of the village would suspect.
The photos give an impression of the stretch between Viladamunt and Fontclara.
The photos give an impression of the stretch between Fontclara and Palau-Sator.
The photos give an impression of the stretch between Palau-Sator and Peratallada.
The photos give an impression of the stretch between Peratallada and Viladamunt.
Small village with some restaurants on the central square near the church.


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