64,14 km


3 753 m

Nehézségi szint



3 753 m

Max elevation

1 862 m



Min elevation

170 m

Trail type


Moving time

14 óra 40 perc


egy nap 14 óra 25 perc




2023. január 31.


január 2023

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1 862 m
170 m
64,14 km

Megtekintve 135 alkalommal, letöltve 4 alkalommal

közel Ra’s, Raʼs al Khaymah (Yunaayitid Arab Imireetis)

Hello adventure peeps it’s my one dream trail to connect the odds , no need to say how difficult it is as a solo hiker to manage your all logistics, navigation and your heavy backpack. But i used greenway signature trail to connect these all mountains and few other trails are I made it before . It’s your call how you manage all ,if anything went wrong sit and think to make the best decision and stick with that .
New Route : Wadi bih to Yabanah
New Route : Yabanah to wadi shah

The new trail which I marked I was already hiked there , Yabanah to shah like a reverse trail it’s very difficult in two places one in Yabanah lower segment so small village and other one lower segment of small village to wadi shah wadi .
Few notes I would like to mention here .
1- Be minimal
2-I carried only 3.5 liter water (because I have lot of other things , so my plan to fill the water from any of three village )
3-Second day food you can manage from Jebel jais viewing deck three
4-Wadi shah to Jebel Jais is a long walk
5-Rahabah Summit and wadi shah also a long trail going all the way down with small ascent .
I started 7 Am in the morning 30th Jan 2023 summit Yabanah 12:45 PM and took a different way bcz of all the rocks was falling bcz of the rain the mud was really wet so it’s not stable so I took other way around .
Cautious: Yabanah valley to the small village on the right I took straight down to usually people only climb up , i was struggled to see the steps bcz it’s all gone by the last rain . I made decision to climb down through the chimney it’s 100 % danger in the end it’s your choice . Butter take left and go down then come to the small village , while reaching to the shah Wadi you have to be careful because you are going to do an reverse trail .
I think nothing else I want to mention there, I marked only 27 km rest all I hiked without map and my data also finished due to the live sharing updates .

This hike is done for charity purpose , kindly donate to this below lint to support Kids operations in association with Al Jalilah Foundation


Till 28-2-2023

Thank you all

NB: The distance and elevation is not correct , total distance 67 and elevation gain 5100+ meter

Mountain pass


  • Fénykép Summit


  • Fénykép Panorama


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