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Koordináták 1601

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Recorded augusztus 2015

1 020 m
652 m
18,43 km

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közel Kvačany (Slovenská republika)

Overnight trail including hike through two stunning gorges of Chočské vrchy and sleepover at remote plateau of Svorad.
A starting point of the gorge trail near the hamlet of Prosiek.
Rock formation in the lower part of the gorge.
Lower section of the gorge.
Entrance to the upper section of the gorge.
Upper section of the gorge.
Ladders in the uuper section of the gorge.
Upper section of the gorge.
Plateau at the elevation of 940 m. (SVK) There´s no official camping site on the plateau. You can just pick any spot you´ll like.
A trail leading to Kvačianská dolina.
The trail to Prosečné was closed due to emergency.
Second gorge on the trail. (SVK)
Well preserved 19th century watermills. You can get some refreshment there as well as arrange a truly rustic accommodation (in the attic on the hay). (SVK)
View from "Malý Roháč".
Entrance to the gorge.


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