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közel Ladner, British Columbia (Canada)

An all-season walk (or bicycle) along the lower delta of the Fraser River and the tidal marshes along the Straight of Georgia. Good views of the Roberts Bank coal export facility and its railway access at the south end. Can combine this track with car or bike exploration of Westham Island by crossing an old one-lane wooden bridge, and perhaps visit the Riefel Migratory Bird Sanctuary, local farm produce stands, and a winery.

Includes a walk along the more populated section of riverbank just west of the Westham Island Road; with houseboats, marinas, small farms, and spiritual retreats.

The saved track has a country-road return which requires a ditch crossing, this return route gives an appreciation of local farming life, with picturesque old barns and a stable. Alternatively, return by backtracking along the dike.


Parallel parking along River Road. If parking near the Westham Island Road Bridge, the walk gives a better appreciation of river and farm lifestyle along a more remote section of the Fraser River Delta. Before parking, suggest crossing the old one-lane wood bridge onto Westham Island and taking a left turn onto a short country road segment at the Westham Island end of the bridge.

Drainage Canal

Canada Geese nesting

River bank raised dike

appreciate the river lifestyle of the Fraser delta, a B&B here

Alternate Parking

parallel parking avaliable for significant distance along roadside Continous walking path along the raised dike starts round this location.

Raised dike path


Abandoned Cannery Site

the old pilings are still visible


Views across farmland towards Roberts Bank Terminal, and across salt marshes along Georgia Straight

Dike Trail


Small path

picnic table, wild roses

yoga and rest deck


Crossing to Country Road

A rough ditch crossing to a low-traffic rural road through farmland. This is a shortcut back to parking and provides a better feel for working farm life, as well as the stables, smaller farms, and spititual retreats towards the north end. A ditch crossing requires balance on makeshift boards and logs, alternatively, can backtrack along the dike. The dike trail goes farther south to the main rail line serving the Roberts Bank coal port. It may be a long wait at a level-crosssing to cross the rail line if the port is busy with coal train deliveries (this was not an issue during my bicycle trips in late 2015 to early 2016).


Old barns and farms



Rural Road

Typical conditions, low traffic, might be more bicycles than farm trucks. Pheasant seen flying over road and landing on a lawn.

Smaller Farms at near dike

Exotic animals, spititual retreats


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