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Uploaded 2020. december 28.

Recorded december 2020

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közel De Steeg, Gelderland (Nederland)

Having been forecast as a sunny day in the eastern part of the country we went on our way. Quite soon though a fog appeared with an atmosphere all its own, especially around and over the water of the river Ijssel.

Another phenomenon that surprisingly appeared all over the (Middachter) woods was frostbeard, also known as icewool or hairice, an amazing sight. (The day and night before there had been frost.)

With the Middachter woods, the floodplains, the tree-lined Middachterallee and the river Ijssel on our way there was an appealing variety in landscapes. The only downside is the part where you cross the motorway (A 348) with its inevitable traffic noise.

Middachten carpark

Castle is not open to the public, the woods are though.

Avenue lined with beeches

Historic avenue lined with beech trees


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