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Uploaded 2020. december 28.

Recorded december 2020

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-15 m
11,19 km

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közel Wekerom, Gelderland (Nederland)

Wekeromse Zand is an appealing site to be on a sunny day in winter, but in fact in other seasons as well. The landscape is a beautiful and surprising combination of sandy plains, hilly territory and woods (consisting of mostly coniferous trees), with a few pools here and there.

This walk also includes a stretch over and across De Bult, which is just opposite Wekeromse Zand and offers great views all around. The 360 degrees panorama is even better from the tower that was built on top of the hill.
It is however closed to the public at the moment although it was recently opened (April 2020).

Observation post


Swing gate

Entrance gate into Wekeromse zand


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