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15,67 km

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közel Vértesszőlős, Komárom-Esztergom megye (Magyarország)

We are going on an adventure! This time we are going to visit the West, and do a hike around Tatabánya.
We are meeting at DÉLI Railway station at 9:45 and take the 10:20 train to Vértesszőlős, a one-hour train ride to just slightly beyond Tatabánya. We shall start the hike there.
We will walk past the archaeological site where the remains of a caveman called Sam were found in 1964 and carry on taking a not too steep path until we reach a lookout point over Tatabánya, a major industrial and mining town. This area is noticeable from the highway as it displays a major bird statue of a type of Falcon which is a sacred bird of Hungarians. We are going to take some stairs down to the city - the stairs consist of 250 steps.
We shall eat at one of the finest restaurants of Tatabánya and take a train back in the evening. There are trains every 15 minutes and getting off at Kelenföld is possible as well.


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