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közel Saint-Martin-de-Caralp, Occitanie (France)

This is a wonderful walk which provides you with beautiful views of the area near Foix .

This walk follows for a part the red/yellow marked trail of the Grp Tour de la Barguilliere but most of the markings are hardly visible.

After leaving Saint-Martin-de-Caralp and crossing the D117 you must follow a track until its first sharp bend to the right and in that bend go through a gate to walk up the hill. The track is hardly visible here but once you have passed the ruins of a house to the left end the trees on your right a narow track becomes visible that leads you to the Roc-de-Calarp.

This part of the walk will give you unimpeded views in all directions as at 700 metres you will be higher than most of the immediate world around you. Especially the view towards the mountain tops above theb ski resort Les Monts d'Olmes are fantastic.

The track remains invisible for most of the time on the ridge but shortly after passing Roc-de-Caralp you wil see an obsolete red/white marking and a narrow track becomes visible winding itself down into the bushes leading eventually to a signpost towards Cantegril which will be your next goal.

The descent towards the D 117 is along a narrow track someteimes quite overgrown but it is not too steep or difficult. Reaching the road you turn left for 50 meters and then follow the narrow road to Cantegril.

The valley you walk in is wide and will also give you great views and sometimes you will see the markings of the Tour de la Barguilliere.

From Cantegrill a narrow road goes up to Saint-Martin-de-Caralp where, from the parking place you will once more enjoy a great view towards the long crest of the mountains at 1500 to 1600 metres that stretches from Foix towards the west.

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