88 m
72 m
65,11 km

Megtekintve 37 alkalommal, letöltve 8 alkalommal

közel Ðala (Serbia)

This track is the route of the E4 European Long Distance Trail from the Hungarian border at Djala to Ada based on Map 1 of "Rambling through Serbia at a slow pace" a booklet published by Planinarski Savez Srbije (PSS), the Serbian Mountain Association. While the track is close to the trail described in the booklet, I cannot guarantee it is the exact route or indeed the best, all I can say is that I successfully walked it in September 2017. More details of my trip can be found in my blog johnpone4serbia.blogspot.com.
The track is mainly along embankments beside the Tisza river, through agricultural land. It passes through or close to the towns of Novi Knezhevac, Senta and Ada. Senta is particularly worth a visit for its Hungarian Art Nouveau architecture (call in at the Tourist Office in the main square). This part of Serbia (the Banat in the province of Voyvodina) has a strong Hungarian influence. While I was hiking, cycling is also an option.


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