56 m
-54 m
23,53 km

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közel Herzliya Pituah, Tel Aviv (Israel)

The start point is by Sharon Hotel, there are pay and display parking spaces and shops where you can buy water. There is no drinking water on the way.
I followed the beach north, in some paces it might be difficult to pass if the tide is high. There are some rocky areas and there is always the danger of a land slide.
You have just 3 exits on the 10kms.
I wanted to come back over the cliffs, but I had to retrace around 1.5km on the beach again because there is a military camp. Get the exit where there are the green danger signs to get up on the cliffs.
From there, there are marks to follow a red, black or blue path. I followed the red one, that runs closest to the edge of the cliffs.
I got to see 3 gazelles.
It is a nice walk, but there can be some dangers and sand is not a good terrain to walk on. Good shoes are required.


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