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közel Giraltovce, Prešovský (Slovenská republika)

As a part of our Erasmus project called H2O not wasted we visited jewel of Eastern Slovakia- Bardejov, town in eastern part of Slovakia, is listed in UNESCO heritage list. Attractiveness of Bardejov lies in beautiful landscape with the number of landmarks. Bardejov is described as one of the “most Gothic of towns in Slovakia”. Its centre consists of a set of historical buildings arranged in the area limited by an almost continuous belt of town fortifications.
The centre of the square is dominated by a former Town Hall building which was built in the 16th century.
The most significant monument of the square is the Roman-Catholic Basilica of St. Egidius. It´s a majestic Gothic basilica with three isles. There is an interesting set of 11 Gothic altars from the 15th and the 16th centuries and some of those wood carvings are considered to be supreme works of European art.
The top of the New Gothic church tower offers a unique view of Bardejov from the bird`s eye view.
The Franciscan monastery with the church is another of the town jewels. The monastery stands near the town walls, the best preserved medieval fortification system in Slovakia. Besides the stone town walls 3 gates and 10 bastions have been preserved.
During our educational trip we visited the site of local craftsmen who needed water for doing their profession. The guide explained the way how water was transported to the town in the medieval times. Water played also an important role in fortification of Bardejov.
Bardejovske Spa: Another place that we visited during our educational trip. First written mention of the place goes back to the 13th century. Since 15 th century, Bardejov Spa has been know as a place of regular treatment. Thanks to its location, microclimate, mineral waters and the natural scenery of the picturesque valley surrounded by woods, the spa has all the conditions to provide appropriate treatment for ailments of the respiratory system, circulation conditions, digestive tract and disorders resulting from both physical and mental fatigue.
The biggest treasure of the spa is its natural mineral waters. Their composition ensures their place among the most important mineral waters in Europe. The springs in Bardejov are classified as hydrocarbonic, chloride, sodium, carbonic hypotonic with medium mineralization and relatively rich in boric acid.

A spa colonnade and a spa houses are in the centre of the spa. Treatment procedures are done in the sanatorium that also includes a health centre and laboratories.
Students had a great opportunity to taste mineral springs as well as to take samples for further study.

1.)By plane:
Airport Krakow– Bardejov: 180 km(partly motorway, the rest provincial road)
Airport Košice– Bardejov: 95km
Airport Budapešť– Bardejov: 335 km(highway + provincial road)
2.)By bus:
Prague– Bardejov: regular direct line
Bratislava– Bardejov: regular direct line
Košice– Bardejov: regular direct line, runs daily every two hours
3.)By car:
From Poland: border crossing Kurov– 15 km ,Becherov- 23 km /
From Hungary: border crossing -Seňa- 120km
4.) By train:
From Prague to Bardejov via Košice or Prešov
From Bratislava to Bardejov via Kysak and Prešov( two changes necessary).

ACCOMODATION: There are a few options of budget accommodation avalaible. However, in most places you can stay for the price of less than 35 €pp/ night. For example:
1. Hotel Bardejov
2. Pension Le Monde
3. Hotel Saris
4. Pension Rouse

Other options are also avalaible in Bardejov Spa.
  • Fénykép Mihalov
  • Fénykép A well in mihalov( 15 century)
  • Fénykép A well in mihalov( 15 century)
  • Fénykép A well in mihalov( 15 century)
A well in mihalov( 15 century)
  • Fénykép Bardejov view
  • Fénykép Bardejov view
  • Fénykép Bardejov view
Bardejov view
  • Fénykép City walls of Bardejov
City walls of Bardejov
  • Fénykép Lukavica rivet
Lukavica rivet
  • Fénykép Old water ditch
  • Fénykép Old water ditch
Old water ditch
  • Fénykép A well in Bardejov
Awell in Bardejov
  • Fénykép Town centre
  • Fénykép Town centre
  • Fénykép Town centre
  • Fénykép Town centre
  • Fénykép Town centre
Town centre
  • Fénykép Sisi's museum
Sisi's museum
  • Fénykép Bardejovské kúpele
  • Fénykép Bardejovské kúpele
  • Fénykép Bardejovské kúpele
Bardejovské kúpele


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