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Uploaded 2017. május 24.

Recorded május 2017

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közel Forbasy, Prešovský (Slovenská republika)

During our Short transnational LTT activity as a part of our Erasmus + project H2O not wasted we visited The Mineral springs route. This time we hiked from the village of Forbasy to Vysne Ruzbachy Spa.
Thi Mineral springs route links 12 mineral springs of different composition in district of Stara Lubovna- Northern Spis region. The route itself has a total lenght of over 100 km. Thanks to the route, hikers can discover, see as well as taste the best mineral springs which are suitable for drinking regimes, and help with various medical problems. On the route we also visited a unique wickerwork museum in Lackova as well as had a short workshop in which they tried to make a basket trying a tecnique called willow pleating. They also tried natural Kneipp therapy in Vysne Ruzbachy SPA.

1.)By plane:
Airport Krakow– Stara Lubovna: 138 km(partly motorway, the rest provincial road)
Airport Košice– Stara Lubovna: 108 km
Airport Budapešť– Stara Lubovna: 364 km(highway + provincial road)
2.)By bus:
Prague– Stara Lubovna: regular direct line
Bratislava– Stara Lubovna: regular direct line
Košice– Stara Lubovna : regular direct line, runs daily every two hours
3.)By car:
From Poland: border crossing Mnisek nad Popradom– 15 km ,Lysa nad Dunajcom- 33 km, Leluchov 26 km
From Hungary: border crossing -Seňa- 120km
4.) By train:
From Prague to Stara Lubovna via Poprad
From Bratislava to Stara Lubovna via Poprad( in both cases change in Poprad necessary).

ACCOMODATION: There are a few options of budget accommodation avalaible. However, in most places you can stay for the price of less than 35 €pp/ night. For example:
1. Hotel Familia, Stara Lubovna
2. Pension Gurmen, Stara Lubovna
3. Hotel Sorea, Stara Lubovna
4. Pension Zet, Vysne Ruzbachy
5. Pension San Andre, Vysne Ruzbachy
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