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közel Tatranská Lomnica, Prešovský (Slovenská republika)

Nice trekking route into the habitat of predators living in the area.

The High Tatras is the most magnificent mountain range and the most important center of tourism and recreation in Slovakia. This trip is designed for people who enjoy spending time in the mountains. Our starting point is Tatranska lomnica via Skalnate Pleso to Velka Svistovka peak. From the top of this mountain we will descend down to the valley Dolina Zeleneho plesa (Green Lake Valley) where a chalet Chata pri Zelenom plese (Chalet by Green Lake; altitude 1554 m) is located, surrounded by great rocky peaks. The colour of this lake is unusually green.

How to get there:
1. By bus: Take the bus from Poprad directly to Tatranska Lomnica. It costs around 1,20€
2. By train: directly from Poprad to T.Lomnica. Price: 1,50€
3. By car: you will get there from Poprad by car, when you take the direction to Kezmarok and in Velka Lomnica (8km from Poprad) you turn left on railway cross-road. Then follow the road sign of Tatranska Lomnica on the main road - Tatranska Lomnica is 9 km away.

Accommodation: There are numerous places to stay in Tatranska Lomnica and its surroundings.
1. Hotel Crocus, Kezmarske Zlaby:

Places to eat:
1. Restaurant HUMNO:
2. Grill pub restaurant
3. Restaurant Stara mama:
Our starting point. Nice village full of hotels and restaurants
The view of Skalnate tarn
There is the astronomical observatory in Skalnate Pleso
Lomnicky stit is the most visited peak in The High Tatras. It is connected by a cable car to Tatranska Lomnica. Its top is 2634 m above the sea level.
Another peak of the High Tatras. Its top rises to 2038 m above sea level.
From the top of the mountain we can see area where predators such as bears, wolves and lynxes live.
On our way back we needed some rest.
Back in Tatranska Lomnica


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