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közel Ružomberok, Žilinský (Slovenská republika)

One of the towns which was situated on Magna via was Ruzomberok.
  • Fénykép Saint Andrew’s Church
  • Fénykép Saint Andrew’s Church
Saint Andrew’s Church is gothic church from the 13th and 14th centuries. At the end of the 16th century was reconstructed in a Rennaissance style. Later, the curch has been reconstructed in a Baroque style.
  • Fénykép Andrej Hlinka´s Mausoleum
  • Fénykép Andrej Hlinka´s Mausoleum
Andrej Hlinka’s relics was preserved to the A. Hlinka’s mausoleum. In September 1944 was Hlinka’s relics moved to unknown place.
  • Fénykép Synagogue
Synagogue in the town of Ruzomberok was built in 1880. During Second World War the building was damaged. Synagogue was reconstructed recently. Nowadays synagogue serves to concerts and exhibitions.
  • Fénykép Mostova Street
Mostova street is the oldest street in the town of Ruzomberok.
  • Fénykép Magna Via
  • Fénykép Magna Via
Stone cubes with Magna Via symbol are in the towns, which was in the past on the Via Magna route line. This Magna Via cube is in the centre of Ruzomberok.
  • Fénykép Town hall
  • Fénykép Plague pillar and lime alley
Residents of Ruzomberok built the plague pillar in the 1858, for thanks to end of the plague in the town of Ruzomberok. Behind the plague pillar is the lime alley with lime trees, which is older than 100 years.
  • Fénykép Locomotive U 37.006
This locomotive was used on railway from town of Ruzomberok to spa of Korytnica. Railway was opened at 5. june 1908.


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