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Uploaded 2019. október 3.

Recorded szeptember 2019

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727 m
10,06 km

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közel Bonnet Hill, British Columbia (Canada)

Beautiful fall hike from Tabor Mountain to Troll Lake and then back to Highway 16 east. Cool day, leaves were turning to the fall colours. We did make a side trip to Bjorn's Shelter and had a good look a the city of Prince George. Nice hike, close to town, you do need to 2 vehicles as this is a one way hike but the distance between drop off and pickup points is less than 10 minutes in the car.


Start of hike. Lots of signs all along the trail but also lots of places to make the wrong turn so be careful.

Hike End

Trail end - parking for the drop car. We had 4 cars so the drop car took the drivers back to the trailhead and they were back to get the hikers in less than 20 minutes.


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