Larry Penang

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közel Kampung Tengah, Pulau Pinang (မလေးရှား)

4h:34m:30s | 12.6 km
Starting from the gate of Pulau Penang National Park, the trail follows along the coast line allowing for unfettered views of the bay (Teluk Bahang) until taking a left at the junction after crossing the "swaying" foot bridge. The climb is moderate but steady. The park rangers have posted numerous informational signs along the route and labels are mounted for the various species of trees (pokok). The forest cover is primarily secondary growth as the area was logged in the past. There are however the odd older trees still in evidence such as the Meranti Seraya and Merawan Batu these being Malay terms. The climb to Bukit Batu (Bukit=Hill) first rises to the first hill top at 300m before descending for about 50m then rising to Bukit Batu at 350m. There are a couple of storm shelters on the way as well as picnic tables. The trail includes ropes which are useful for pulling your way along as the climb. There are toilets and shelter at the Bukit Batu rest stop. Take the right junction which leads to Teluk Kampi and Pantai Kerachut. Once reaching the junction take the left trail towards to Teluk Kampi. You will reach the Teluk Kampi Pantai (Beach) which is a camping area. Many take a boat to reach this location. There's a small island just off the coast. Returning to the Teluk Kampi and Pantai Kerachut junction turn left and follow the trail towards Kerachut. The trail splits near the Lake Meromitic with one heading towards the beach to the west or around the eastern edge of the lake. You will come across a concrete bridge which crosses the stream at the eastern eadge of the lake area. Cross over to the bridge and follow the concrete set of stairs upwards. Following the trail you will come to the Batu Bukit Junction but just contiinue straight for a couple of hundred metres then take a left at the Sungai Tunkun Junction onto the Canopy Walk trail. The trail passes a reservoir and dam which provides the water supply for the camp grounds a little further down the trail. You will eventually reach the coast and turn left back towards the park entrance.


Junction Turn Left


Stream Crossing


Junction Take Left (Bukit Batu)


Hill Top and Storm Shelter (300m)


Storm Shelter (250m)


Bukit Batu Junction Turn Right to Teluk Campi (350m)


Junction to Teluk Kampi or Pantai Kerachut


Stream Crossing


Teluk Kampi Pantai (Beach)

A picturesque secluded beach that can be reached either by hiking from the entrance of the National Park (Taman Negara) or by boat. With a small island in view, there is also a small camp ground nearby with shower facilities and toilets. Charter boats are available at the entrance to the park with a number of kiosks selling various services.

Junction Turn Right


Stream Crossing


Stream Crossing (Left)

The trail at this point lacks signage. Although there is a trail on the south side of the stream, you must cross over the concrete bridge to stay on the correct trail.

Junction Turn Right to Pasir Pandak


Junction to Canopy Walkway


The reservoir created by the construction of a weir, provides the water for the camp ground which is further down the trail towards the sea.

Stream Crossing Turn Right

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    A long and exhausting trail, amazing visited 2 beaches.

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