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közel Lura e Vjetër, Dibër (Albania)

Most visitors to Lure have the Lure lakes in mind, and few people seem to go for the "Crown of Lure", the highest summit of the area. While a very challenging road leads up to the lakes, there is no path to the summit.

We decided for a mix: we took the car half way up from Lure village to the lakes, to a beautiful and level spot, at about 1370 Meter altitude. There are no facilities except plenty of fresh air. When temperatures in Tirana or at the coast reach 39 degree during daytime in August, we were glad to have a fleece or light sleeping bag with us for the night at the camp. From there, we made an early start to the lakes, and went more or less straight up to the summit with its wonderful views. For the return, we selected a more gradual descent, making for a 'balloon' hike back to the lakes, and then to camp.

The road becomes slightly more difficult after the campsite, mainly due to the needed ground clearance.

The time indicated in the side bar is not correct, as it includes the overnight at the camp

Distances are as follows:

Turn-off in Lure village to camp: 3.7 kilometers
Campsite to main lake: 4.3 kilometers
Roundtrip lakes - summit - lakes: 5.6 kilometer

This makes for a rountrip of 14.2 kilometers from the camp to summit and back, or 21.6 kilometers from the Lure village turn-off to the summit and back.

For the approach to Fushe Lurë, see:

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The Crown of Lura

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