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közel Alarup, Korçë (Albania)

Aside from any mountain near the seashore, there is no other mountain in Albania from where so much water can be seen. The summit of Mali i Thatë (the Dry Mountain) is called Pllaja e Pusit, and both Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa - the largest lakes in the Balkans - can be seen from there.

The mountain range separating Prespa and Ohrid Lake is most frequently climbed from Macedonia, from the height of land connecting the two lakes. The prominent summit on the Macedonion side is Galicia, which also gives name to the nature park surrounding it. According to our calculations, the highest point of the range is fully in Albana, and a climb of it makes for a longer, but truly Albanian experience.

The hike begins in the village of Alarup, a village at the foot of the mountain, accessible by asphalt road. See directions to Alarup on the website.

The indicated trail is probably the shortest from Alarup to the summit, but much of it is without a path. This is not necessarily a problem, but be aware that the total altitude gain is more than 1200 Meter, and some of the grassy slopes can be steep. For a more leisurely, but slightly longer trail on a good mule path follow Endrit's trail on wikiloc, or combine both for a roundtrip.

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  • Fénykép Lao87

    Lao87 2014.03.26.

    Very accurate

  • brian.james.williams 2018.11.29.

    Whew - did it today (Nov 29, 2018) - but though the forecast was OK the top was in the clouds, high winds, drifted snow on the ground, no visibility - full winter cold. So now I need to do it again, so I can see the views...

    Detlef, heard you were in Tirana - would have loved to have met you and talked about your adventures. If you pass through again please look me up!

  • Fénykép Palmtreeproduction

    Palmtreeproduction 2018.11.30.

    No need to do it twice - there are hundreds more mountains equally worth hiking! Will send you separate email....

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