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  • Fénykép Trail to secret beach
  • Fénykép Trail to secret beach
  • Fénykép Trail to secret beach
  • Fénykép Trail to secret beach
  • Fénykép Trail to secret beach

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Uploaded 2019. december 13.

Recorded december 2019

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246 m
3 m
5,75 km

Megtekintve 1407 alkalommal, letöltve 36 alkalommal

közel Khawr Fakkān, Sharjah (United Arab Emirates)

This is a tough steep climb and steep decent, Both ways with rocks and gravel. So be prepared to do a lot of climbing and navigating easy spots to climb up and down the rock.
1. ALWAYS follow the path of the dried up water stream.
2. Wear hiking boots. Or a shoe with grips . Some of us wore our gym shoes and we slipped on the rocks and twisted ankles.
3. Go early. We started at 9am. Reached the beach mid day, had lunch , then hiked back before sundown.
4. You will get cuts or scraps. Have bandages.
5. CARRY 2 LITRES per person. Trust me, you're going to need it. Actually carry more if you can!

Have a fun trek\hike! Let me know if you have any questions!

5 hozzászólás

  • anghambb 2020.05.12.

    Is the trail difficult to follow?

  • Fénykép irene ahmed

    irene ahmed 2020.10.03.

    @anghambb, no it's not. It's quite easy. Though very steep.

  • wietskevanmarle 2020.10.27.

    Do you know if this trail is open, or blocked by military?

  • Fénykép nadimnakkash

    nadimnakkash 2020.10.29.

    Is it suitable for camping ?!

  • Vikas Satya 2020.11.24.

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Most detailed and helpful review for this trek!

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