314 m
192 m
6,68 km

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közel Millstream, British Columbia (Canada)

This is a hike from the Mt Work South parking lot on Munn Rd to Troll Knoll and back. This is an easy hike from Corry Rd up Spring Ridge, over to Troll Knoll and back on the loopy Raven Ridge Trail. This was an exploratory hike to check out the options. The straight forward route is from Munn Rd along the old Corry Rd to the double boiler gate and over the South Ridge Trail to Giant Junction.

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  • arby101ca 2016.03.25.

    This wreck marks the Bonnie and Clive junction at Corry Rd, so named by the bullet holes in this old Austin A50. https://www.wikiloc.com/hiking-trails/troll-knoll-south-12677063/photo-7793393

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