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közel Arthurs Seat, Victoria (Australia)

A shorter version of the traditional walk.
Instead of starting at one of the bays (Dromana), we started at the top of Arthur's Seat so my 11yr old son didn't have to climb it.
Frpm Seawinds carpark we found our first sign pretty easily and made our way Sth towards Main Ridge and Green's Bush.
The trail is well signposted with the Superb Fairy Wren emblems guiding the way through reserves and side streets.
Walking through forests of tree ferns, grass trees and bushland you finish off by entering the Lightwood Creek gully and the camping area is just a few hundred metres after that.
It has room for 3 groups with 3 tables and room for 2 or 3 tents around each table and has recently had a drop dunny and rainwater tank installed providing you with a water source (signed as not drinkable so treat it to be safe).
Lovely drifting off to sleep listening to the kookaburras and cockatoos doing their final calls and being replaced by frogs and owls as it got dark.

Seawinds carpark

Find these signs nears the toilets at Seawinds carpark and the trail is not far away.

1st Two Bays Trail sign we encountered at Seawinds.

Where we started our hike.

Views to Portsea

Taken within Arthurs Seat Reserve

MacLaren Dam

Good spot for a short rest

Closing in on Greens Bush

Welcome signage at the end of a long uphill dirt road

Welcome to Greens Bush

Largest bushland reserve on the Mornington Peninsula


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