Jakub W

Moving time  3 óra 31 perc

Idõ  6 óra 30 perc

Koordináták 2109

Uploaded 2019. június 19.

Recorded június 2019

1 889 m
816 m
11,76 km

Megtekintve 220 alkalommal, letöltve 12 alkalommal

közel Rrogam, Kukës (Albania)

The trail is easy to follow, also because there are quite many people walking along (we did it in mid-June). In our Rilindja guesthouse we have arranged for a guide with a horse to carry big backpacks.

First you cross Rragam village with its meadows, then you enter into a forest with some openings between trees, so that it is possible to see the Valbona valley. Afterwards you walk in open space where it is possible to admire the valley from perspective. The pass between the two valleys (next to Maya Valbones summit) offers breathtaking view on both sides. From the pass you continue downhill in a low alpine forest, but quite quickly you enter into a beech forest with just a few clearings on the way to Theth.

Simoni Kafe

The café offered only some cold drinks on the day of our hike. It is possible to refill bottles with fresh water.



View on both sides


Krojnat kafe

The café offered drinks and some simple food on the day of our hike (a kind of cake made of pancakes: it was very good). It was possible to refill bottles with water.


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