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közel Ḩarrah, Ash Shāriqah (United Arab Emirates)

Fairly steep hike without trails, but route-finding is easy as it follows the features in the landscape well.

Given no trail, the hike can be quite challenging, but given the short distance, ability to turn around and ease of finding way, I would classify this as Moderate.

The main steps are:
-Park at the end of the road (as indicated). No 4x4 required.
-Follow the dry river bed, until the first fork, and move to the left, and start climbing the west-ridge.
-Follow the west-ridge until the peak appears, slightly to the right of the ridge (on the parallel ridge).
-Climb the summit (quite steep, scrambling)
-Hike down the east-ridge (parallel to the way-up)
-Join the river bed, turn right and follow it till you arrive at the starting point

Done in ~3 hours, but this was quite rushed. For a leisurely pace, likely 4-5 hours required.







View st the eastern buttress (way down)






View of the peak


Peak, sunrise


Route from the top


Way up


Way down


Last stretch

5 hozzászólás

  • Fénykép Taleen

    Taleen 2020.01.04.

    Thoroughly enjoyed this hike. Nice mountain views, easy to navigate. Thanks for the detailed description too 😊

  • Fénykép Simon Skyrunning

    Simon Skyrunning 2020.01.05.

    Happy you enjoyed it!

  • Fénykép Colin Fox

    Colin Fox 2020.09.06.

    Great route. Only managed half the route due to heat and was easy to navigate. Will try the full hike in winter.

  • Fénykép Anastasia Merkulova

    Anastasia Merkulova 2020.11.14.

    I agree it's a bit challenging route due to no path and steep climb. We have only made it a bit beyond the 6th flag mark on the map and it took us 3 hours. We moved at a slow speed given 20-kg backpack that my husband was carrying. Our goal was camping experience rather than climbing the destination peak and once we found a great camping place with large dry tree we decided to stay. The views are lovely around, and there was a large flat rock just above the wadi that served as a perfect breakfast spot in the morning.
    We made it back using the wadi on the right side. It's a rocky steep descend to the wadi, however down you will find a nice path that takes you back to the village safely.

  • Ahmad Haddad 2020.12.03.

    I have followed this trail  ellenőrzött  View more

    This was quite a challenging trail! The climb was ok and definitely worth it once you reach the top with the breathtaking views but the descent was tough with not trail to follow and small slippery rocks. We took our time to go down since we constantly went off track to get good grips on the way down.
    Also for timing it took us 4.5 hours with a few stops on the climb to enjoy the scenery.

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