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közel Oulton Broad, England (United Kingdom)

OS Map: OL40. Meet at TM 50871 92028, Carlton Marshes Nature Reserve car park. Please make a donation.

From the car park, head NE and soon east. Ignore a path to the left and bear right, SE, trees left. After 40 metres, at the dog poo bin, turn left, east, hedge left. At the hotel, leave the meadow by the stile or gate. Cream teas are on offer here. Cross the gravel track and head east, through the gap, hedge left. At the holiday chalets, continue east, crossing two access roads. A narrow path, east, leads to Marsh Lane. Continue east and ignore paths left emergng close to the railway station. Turn left, NE towards St Mark's Church.

For the station (alternative start point), go up the steps, cross the line and down steps on the south side. Opposite St Mark's Church, turn left, west into the car park. Follow the car park west, then right, north, past the sailing club, left, and all the way to to the far end. Go through the gate into Nicholas Everitt Park, watercourse left. Turn left, west, over the bridge and head past the children's play area, right, and the toilets. Turn right, north towards the Everitt Park Cafe. Turn right, then left, play area right. Turn right, east, past the thatched harbourmaster's office, toilets and cafe.

Turn left, north, towards the litfing bridge and cross over to join this walk onto the Waveney Way, north of the river. If the tide is right, you might be able to "gongoozle" while boats go through the lock and the bridge is lifted. The Wherry is available for refreshments as well as the two cafes in the park. Double back and re-cross the lifting bridge. This time, head round the park, keeping as close to the broad as possible. The waterside path heads south, west, south, over a footbridge, south and SE. Head round the sailing club slipway south, west, south and finally west passing moored boats. Head west using the permissive path through the boatyard avoiding the bridge into the chalet park. Continue west. The next mile is close to the broad on the flood defence path with steel piling to keep flood water out of the meadows.

Follow this path west, north, west, south, west and finally NW, always with the metal piles, right. Ignore all paths to the left except perhaps, temporarily, the one signposted to cream teas. When the piling ends, you are close to the river. Continue west or NW, always staying on the highest part of the flood defence wall. The views over the marshes are excellent. Cross a gravel road and stay on the dyke-top path between two gravel roads. Head roughly west. The roads end but the dyke-top path continues through a kissing gate, NW, all the way to the river. At the river turn left, SW, along the riverside path and stay close to the river. At a sluice and pumping station with impressive pipes, turn left along the signed footpath. Head down the bank and cross a drain. Pass between pump control boxes and head SE, drains both sides. This path continues straight for 0.75 miles before bending left, east, and right, south. Near trees, at a crossroads and a Carlton Marshes Reserve sign, turn left, NE. Head through the kissing gate or over the stile and soon through a second kissing gate. The path divides. Take the right hand branch towards trees, east, then SE and finally NE, trees right. This emerges close to the car park. Go through the final kissing gate and kink right and left into the car park. Pick up a leaflet and please make a donation.

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TM 50874 92033, Carlton and Share Marshes

Train stop

Oulton Broad South Station


TM 51977 92360, Oulton Broad


Coffee Shop and Toilets




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