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Koordináták 1967

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közel Zádiel, Košický (Slovenská republika)

Everything is made of limestone. Slovak karst is situated in Kosice region. There are 8 information panels : The Zadielska gorge, geomorphlogy, plants, animals, economic exploitation of plateaux, Zadiel in the beginning in the 20.century, dolines and associations. Zadielska gorge stretches in the area about 215 hectares.
Start of our hiking
Gorge has been created in the limestone by the river Blatnica
The name of this rock was taken from the packet of sugar that people used at the beginning of 20.century. The shape of this rock was similar to it.
This is a stream called Blatnica and path. This small stream created such a grand gorge.
There are more than 900 spieces of higher plants in the area.
This is our group and this hill is called "Cukrova homola".
Zadielska gorge has the highest level of preservation in Slovakia which means it is absolutely without human intervention. Many fascinating flora formations can be seen there.
There is rich fauna.
This is a view from top of the plateau.
Path and flower called "Hlavacik jarny".
This flower is called Poniklec and another view from the plateau.


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