2 778 m
2 305 m
9,73 km

Megtekintve 591 alkalommal, letöltve 15 alkalommal

közel Massimeno, Trentino - Alto Adige (Italia)

Fourth of my five days trip to Brenta Dolomites

Take via ferrata Castiglioni (trail 321) to Rif. Agostini and then trail 320 to Rifugio Pedrotti. Ferrata Castiglioni is not a truly via ferrata: 90% of the trail is a mountain path, but a via ferrata kit is needed to descend the walls of the south side of Bocchi dei Dui Denti, which is done through a succession of ladders

Once in Rifugio Agostini you can try a harder choice: via ferrata Brentari (trail 358), shorter in distance, longer in time and effort.

I have no track of my fifth day: my GPS run out of battery. I undid the trail I did my first way up to Rifugio della Selvata and then took sentiero Donini (332). I started at 8am and before 1pm I was in Molveno. There's a small sector equipped with a safety cable, but you don't need your via ferrata kit. As alternative you can descend through the more crowded trail 319.

Rif. Agostini


Ferrata Castiglioni


Rif. Pedrotti


Rif. XII Apostoli


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