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közel Punta Don Diego, Sardegna (Italia)

When arriving at the Island by boat, follow the beach to the right. Stay on the shore line until you have passed the houses built into the rocks. There will be a path moving straight up (stairs) to the walking path.
Follow that path further east. Be aware of not hiking to far up: the path to the Ferrata heads down to the sea for approximate 20 meters in elevation (rocks / gravel), until it will further move on towards east. Look out for the red dots.
When approaching the Ferrata, things are pretty clear for the start. But soon after you pass the wired sections, it is somewhat difficult to find your way further up. As a rule of thumb: every time you get lost, keep to the left until you reach the upper top area (after hiking up for 30 min after you have passed the Christo) Here use caution, left it will go straight down.
It is somewhat difficult to find the entrance for going downhill. We probably missed the first entry point and went further on. We were looking for a path and finally saw some steel ropes. That’s how we found the way to go down.
Downhill isn’t difficult, but pretty steep (well, I guess that lays in the nature of a Ferrata )and most of the part is in the woods. Here you can’t get lost, there is only one option. When you reach flat land, you either find the stairs where you came from or simply follow the path towards the restaurants. That path will bring you thought the “village” (most of the buildings are in very bad shape…). Military zones are well marked with no entry signs, so don’t do any stupid things there.
Conclusion: Climbing isn’t very challenging, but great views to the coast line (San Theodore, Olbia etc.) as well into the country side. From all Ferratas in Sardegna I would rate it as Number 3 (Algehro #1, Badde Pentumas #2)


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  • jerunhamlet . 2019.10.13.

    I have followed this trail  ellenőrzött  View more

    unfortunately the ferrata degli angeli had no rope when we got there (mid october) so we walked back and took the other way straight to punta cannone, there everything was find and we had a nice climb and amazing views from the top.

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