Bo Thygesen

Bo Thygesen


Important note:
Most of the trails must be combined with other trails before being complete. In that way there are several choices for each trail depending on your wishes, skills etc. The best way to get an overview is to open up all trails in Google Earth, so that you can see how they connect.

This is some of our favorite trails in and around the Alanya-area.
Please note that these trails are only recommended for people with experience riding bikes.
A few tricks and tips for all of you riding for the first time in Alanya:
- Summer is hot here – drink a lot of water and use every chance you get to refill. In the mountains you often find springs and this water is suitable for drinking.

- When it is hot in the city the downhill sections can still be cold. Bringing a windbreaker can be a good idea.
The locals are friendly – the dogs often not. Be aware of loose dogs in the village areas. If you by any chance is bitten, consult the local “devlet hastanesi” for rabbies vaccination. (I have personal been bitten once in ten years).

All bike rentals, bike repairs etc. can be done from the web sites specified above. A good friend of mine that can be trusted. Martin is German and besides German he speaks English and Turkish.

Feel free to email me for questions or if you want to join us on a trip.

Kind regards,
Bo Thygesen, Dane living in Alanya since many years

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