ronnie muring

ronnie muring


I am now in my early 60s and an active cross-country MTBiker. My base sport is mountaineering since the mid- 70's (times when military camping equipment were used). Started rock climbing in the mid 90's and later into caving. Entered Adventure Racing (AR) since the introduction of AR in the Philippines in the early 2000. Since biking is one of the major disciplines in AR, I started mountain biking in 2002. I cross-train in running and swimming to keep in shape. I usually do my routine in hiking, climbing, running and biking solo, because (with calculated risk) I believe that attaining any sporting goals by yourself alone is the highest form of consolation, satisfaction and achievement that anybody can get, thereby playing your sports that make it one notch higher than playing it in the traditional way.

I encourage people to live a healthy life by engaging and investing in sports. So enjoy your sports, specially biking.

I have plotted most of my moderate to difficult mountain biking (MTB)routes for everyone to try and enjoy. Rest assure that these routes are doable and the pre-conditions set to every route are realistic. The routes are manually plotted though and anybody may depart from the plotted lines so long as it follows the general configuration of the Route.

However, the routes require a higher degree of specific biking skills, tough physical strength and endurance, lots of guts and strong determination.

Considering the inherent danger the sport and the routes brings, I DISCLAIM ANY RESPONSIBILITY regarding untoward incidents resulting from the use of my published MTB routes in this website for the ground that the above mentioned requirements were unheeded.

Always remember when biking: carry your essentials,be safe, be friendly and respectful, be environment friendly and dispose of you trash properly or carry it back with you.

So, SAFE biking and ENJOY the ride!

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