Join us on our mission to help millions of people to have memorable outdoor experiences. We're building top products and services and we're seeking the top talent. Interested?

You will join our small team that designs, develops and implements all the code for and apps. We have an ambitious vision with lots of cool stuff to do and you will work on all product-level decisions. Your work will reach millions of people worldwide in a short time.

For all positions we expect that you have excellent communication skills and able to clearly bring forward your vision or opinion.

We’d like you to be the kind of person who have high integrity and low ego, you're a team player, pragmatic problem-solver and self-driven, doer ideally with successful samples of projects online (mobile apps, designs, writings, web projects or open source contributions) and active in GitHub, Stackoverflow, Dribbble or Wikipedia. Experience working with remote teammates is a plus.

Good sense of humor, passion for outdoor sports and being active in Wikiloc is a big plus!

Our currently open positions...

Software Engineer - Platform

Join us to improve the backend that powers the platform and apps that hundreds of thousands of outdoor enthusiasts rely on for their activities.

For this position the following skills are relevant to us:

  • You hold or are finishing a masters degree and have superior coding skills
  • If you have experience in the Wikiloc stack (Java, Redis, NGINX, PostgreSQL) that's great, but if you learn really fast, that's just as well
  • Java in a production environment
  • Web services & API design
  • Testing (unit, integration, ui)
  • Server side experience (Linux, Python, shell scripting, networking) is also a plus

Software Engineer - Data

Every day we face the challenge to process large amounts of data in the form of places, geometric features, descriptive text in many languages and beautiful outdoor images among others.

If you hear Terabytes of data and feel an urge to start exploring, you speak fluent SQL and are excited about new R packages then this position might be for you. We also expect that you're proficient representing results interactively. Beyond machine learning skills, we value more your capacity for understanding and identifying current and future community needs and how to map those needs to data. Our goal in Wikiloc is to delight users and your mission will be to imagine, discover and define data-driven opportunities to excel on that.

Desired skills:

  • Degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics or equivalent experience.
  • Coding skills in a high level language such as Python, Scala or Java.
  • Familiarity with statistical computing tools (such as R, Julia, MATLAB, pandas) and database languages (such as SQL)
  • Familiarity with ML tools (such as Tensorflow, MLlib, scikit-learn, Mahout)
  • Familiarity with data visualization (such as d3, bokeh)
  • Familiarity with big data technologies (e.g. Spark, Hadoop, Hive, Cassandra)
  • Excellent comunication skills

We also expect that you'll work in your own analyses to answer important questions that we might already have or new ones that you'll identify. Community demographics, usage of Wikiloc on Web, Android, iOS and Wearables are focus areas where you'll identify the data you need to answer a question, analyze it, present it in a comprehensive way and write in plain English a compelling conclusion about it.

We love metrics, and we love charts and visualizations so expect to be a very popular member of the team!

Software Engineer - Systems & Infrastructure

As Wikiloc keeps growing our systems have to be scaled and re-architected to relieve bottlenecks, keep data safe and secure and make the ecosystem easier to maintain and evolve.

Above all these essential requirements your mission will be to guarantee a blazingly fast experience to all community members worldwide.

For this position the following skills are relevant to us:

  • Masters degree in computer science
  • Server side experience (Linux, shell scripting, networking)
  • Scaling high-traffic web apps (host architecture/databases/caching)
  • Performance benchmarking and monitoring tools
  • Reconfiguring services on the fly
  • Testing
  • An eye for automation and instrumentation
  • Solid experience with one or more of our areas: Ansible, Java, ElasticSearch/Solr, Redis, Nginx, Tomcat is a bonus

Keeping all systems running smoothly with great reliability is the foremost mission of the Systems & Infrastructure team, and they’re amazing at doing it.

UX/UI Design Lead

We're looking for a design lead to join our team in Girona. You'll play a key role for the entire experience all Wikiloc users will go through.

You are an experienced generalist who enjoys working closely with engineers and who’s confident owning and defending all aspects of design at Wikiloc, from web and mobile UX/UI conceptualisation & prototyping to implementation, visual design and branding.

We always start new projects with design, so you’ll have the opportunity to challenge and lead us in new directions.

Besides having great visual taste and a sensibility for a community and web identity of more than 10 years online, we also value experience designing specifically for iOS and Android.

We are not looking for an expert. We’re looking for someone with great capacity and talent who demonstrates the interest, sensibility and will to keep learning new things and continually get better.

Having experience with technologies we currently use is a bonus but we’re ready to learn from your suggestions too!

You'll be working with all team members since design and brand is inherent to everything we do.

Software Engineer - Mobile

Join us to improve the mobile app that hundreds of thousands of outdoor enthusiasts rely on for their activities.

Main responsibility will be to join the mobile team and work in coordination with the Android, iOS and our backend engineers with the mission of improving the outdoor experiences of all community members.

We won't reject applications that show a high proficiency in data structures and algorithms but here are a few desired skills:

  • Experience developing for Android, iOS, embedded or similar technologies
  • Swift, Java, Kotlin, functional programming & Rx
  • Unit testing, integration testing and UI testing
  • An App we can look at in the stores is a big plus

About us

Outdoor enthusiasts from around the world use Wikiloc to explore and share the best outdoor trails of many activities like hiking and mountain biking. Since we launched the iOS and Android apps, hundreds of thousands of users have embraced them as an easy and effective way to track their activities, discover great trails and have fun outside.

Wikiloc has been recognized with awards from Google, National Geographic and Garmin. We are located in the Parc Cientific UdG in Girona, Spain, near the pyrenees mountains and the beautiful mediterranean coast; great places to test our products!

How to apply

If all of this sounds exciting to you, we'd love to hear from you! Please email with your resume and a cover letter telling us about yourself and why you want to work at Wikiloc.